Benefits of Basic Subscription


Ladify Business is a professional tool that any professional can utilise. This allows you to access your online profile from any online device to take your business or organisation live on the internet. Customers may quickly find your company or profile and make an appointments online or in person or contact through your contact details.

Verifying is the key to approch and express your genuinty to your clients who may be trying to access to your services. Create an easy editable business profile with your details as well. This tool assists you in increasing your online credibility and promoting your business through other social media platforms.

Adding business details

your business profile listing will be created and allow you to describe full services, business name, city and contact details including your social media links to make you engaged with your customers.It will help you in increasing Social Media Position, and increasing your visibility and attract potential customers. 

Get more cost effective business opportunity. Start engaging with your customers and help them get interested in your services. Improve your visibility in local searches by doing things like optimizing your online profile, creating creative content and showcase your product and services.

Business Promotions

Leadify Promote your business online over time to time period. Get help to promote your business through online and offline advertising, direct marketing campaigns, PR campaigns and content marketing.

Award Certificate

The soft copy of your Award Certificate will be sent on your registered email. The award is designed to help brands to get rewarded for the hard work and efforts they have made in their respected and keeping their efforts with leaving no stone unturned to achieving their goals and success to the brands and getting the maximum benefits from precise targeting and segmentation capabilities by showing them the recognition and earned the award with the great efforts by your brand.

Profile Optimization

We help you optimizing your account for example creating your seo description for the better promotional activities and build a strong online visibility.

Congratulations Banner

Congratulations banner will be created and share with you through your contact details including your image. The banner will also be shared on our social media to promote you even more.