About our policies


LeadifyPro is a marketplace where sellers, buyers and manufacturers can promote their businesses online and offline. LeadifyPro also offers a booking and e-commerce module, which helps you generate new leads, get reviews and gain more visibility

Whether you are already running a business or planning to do something incredible for your living or launching a new business. We are here to help you promoting or launching your business using various strategies including a business plan, and online presence, research target markets and competitors, register your business, find financing, develop marketing plans, helping create a brand, and more

Adding spam, scam or fake business account aren’t allowed and strictly prohibited straight forward will be banned from our services. Therefore you are no longer to create the same account in future.

The most prohibited services

  • Nudity and Sexually content or services
  • Hate speech, threats, or services/ products that are illegal.
  • Businesses that provides services to harm or excessive violence
  • Fake or imposters business
  • Spam

Creating a profile of your business and offer available services and setting up automated marketing campaigns, LeadifyPro helps you build your brand, increase visibility and open up opportunities for more customers. Plus, we offer detailed analytics and reporting tools to monitor your progress and ensure your campaigns are successful.

Get access our flow of opportunities should be reserved to the known business and trusted by us and the community. Finally, we can help you analyze your performance and optimize your profits over time. By subscribing to a plan you can be discovered by more companies, make it easy for them to contact you for new business, avoid people whose budgets are too low, and do just-in-time. Paid business subscription get 10 to 20 times more exposure on the platform than business on our free plan, and as a result have been starting more relationships with decision makers and landing more business. Learn more about the difference between free and paid membership here (hyperlink pricing page) or contact us to learn more.

LeadifyPro minimal subscription terms is 12 months. But, you can tree the free subscription.

Yes. You can downgrade or cancel at the end of your subscription terms from your payment page.