Subscription Process

Leadify Business is a platform that connect and present your business to Buyers and Sellers and new clients. 


  1. Go to homepage https://leadifypro.com.
  2. Sign up/ Login Section. Enter mobile number and OTP and will be redirected to the registration page.
  3. There are total Four types of subscription. Select your plan as per your requirement.
  4. Fill in the essential details like email id, name, mobile number, company name, product/service, company address, etc.
  5. Must add description as will be used as Meta Description for your SEO of registeration.
  6. Preview and submit. Our team will verify your details and make it live.


Choose your package: We recommend the Gold subscription to most of the start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Find the Subscription Package page on the Top and learn about the subscription package. Select the most suitable and click on “Create an account”.


Verification Process: We have a strict policy of registration. Our team will verify all the details and check your profile. We will autofix and optimize your profile where its needed as per your plan/ subscription. The total wait time is aprox. 24 hours. Please Note: for the better viewing of your form we request you to submit at least FOUR picture of you and your offices only.


Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement & the subscription plan will be verified. A new payment page will be redirected after completing your application form. Please submit your fee after registration. Our team will check and go through your details and make your profile live and send you the acknowledgement of your business registration.


Congratulations: Your Business will be live and ready to share and publicly visible. We will process as per your application and dispatch through courier your Verified Trust Certificate and other documents if applicable. This process will take 7-10 working days from the first date of your subscription.

Your profile subscription will be charged and calculated from the first day of your payment.

A key to perform well in the market:

Leadify Business is a platform that connect and present your business to Buyers and Sellers and new clients. Leadify Business is a platform that connects businesses and professionals to a wider audience by showcasing their services online. Our goal is to highlight the best that the industry has to offer. To find out more, visit www.leadifypro.com – the official domain of Leadify Business. 

All you need to do is get started by registering your company at leadifypro.com! At our company, we hold the symbol of excellence and a reputation for being the most esteemed. We are proud to continue to uphold these values, and celebrate the creative and innovative minds in our industry.

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